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WebBirder has fast become a way of life for birders. Whatever your birding intereste may be, WebBirder can accomodate you.

Device Flexible

WebBirder is designed to run on devices ranging from phones to tablets to desktops. WebBirder can operate on any platform whether it be Android, iOS, Mac, Windows or whatever. It will work on your iPhone using Safari, or your PC using windows or any tablet… making it the most flexible management system. If your device has a browser and is connected to the internet, WebBirder will run on it!

Platform Neutral

There are many birding programs available, but most of them lock you into a single environment. There are Android programs available that only run on Android devices. There are iOS programs available but they require you to run on Apple devices. What do you do if you want to enter sightings in the field on your Android phone or iPad but then review them or generate lists and records on your Windows, or Mac, desktop at home? You were pretty much out of luck, until now!

Import Data from other Systems

What’s more, if you want to switch from an outmoded or restricted listing system WebBirder may well be able to seamlessly transfer your records from them.

Not so much a birding application, more a way of life!

WebBirder is far more than just a ‘listing’ program. WebBirder allows you to:

• Create alerts. WebBirder can alert you when a particular species is seen, rare or notable species are seen or any species are seen, in any target location.
• Generate country, state and specific location lists (checklists) for over 800 locations around the world. These lists can easily be compared to species you’ve seen in those locations and exported to Excel in taxonomic order.
• Generate life lists for any location(s), including the world and for any two points in time.
• Manage your photos with comments. Photos can be associated with any location, trip or species.
• Full eBird support. Import to, and export from, eBird.
• Select between Clements v6.9 / eBird v1.55 and IOU v4.3 taxonomy.
• Any species common name, scientific name, family or order can be modified.
• Four different ways for entering sightings, depending on your need. WebBirder supports quickly entering species seen in the field on your mobile phone or tablet to entering thousands of sightings via importing from an Excel spreadsheet on your desktop.
• All sightings, or any subset of sightings, can be exported to Excel, in taxonomic order for further analysis and reporting.
• Find the best birding sites around the world. Using the power of Google Maps, WebBirder will show you where the best birding sites are, with full Excel export capability.
• View recent sightings for any species, anywhere in the world. View rare or unusual sightings for anywhere in the world. View recent sightings for anywhere in the world!

The Only System Offered and Endorsed by Fatbirder

Here at Fatbirder we have been pretty resistant to birding programmes because they just haven’t met birders needs. We wanted flexibility, transferability and ease of use free from platform restrictions. Now we have it we want to share!


WebBirder is available in two editions. The Standard edition is free to use and does most things the average birding enthusiast will want to do in WebBirder. It also includes the full WebBirder taxonomy of 17,000 species and sub-species using either Clements/eBird or IOC. It also includes 800+ world-wide checklists, and much more.

There is a Professional edition that allows more advanced activities such as exporting the WebBirder taxonomy to an Excel spreadsheet, taxonomy override features, generating checklists integrated with your sightings (and hit lists), requesting custom checklists, requesting special checklist export formats (Word, RTF, XML and CSV), exporting 'premium' WebBirder checklists to Excel, and more. If you attempt to access a feature of WebBirder that requires the Professional edition, WebBirder will notify you.

The Standard edition is free and the Professional edition is $30 per year. If you choose to upgrade to the Professional edition and then choose not to renew it the next year, your account will revert to the Standard edition at the end of one year.

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