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Ready to upgrade to the Professional Edition? The cost is $30 per year. Each year after the first can be optionally renewed. Payment is made through PayPal and is 100% secure and safe.

What do you get for $30 per year?

  • All area checklists (WebBirder has over 800 checklists) can be downloaded in Excel format in professional taxonomic order or in custom formats
  • All sightings (recent, rare / unusual, nearest) can be displayed on a map instead of just in a table
  • Export the entire WebBirder taxonomy to Excel
  • Modify the WebBirder taxonomy
  • View all birding hotspots (WebBirder has thousands) on a map instead of just in a table
  • If you are using WebBirder to keep track of your life list(s), the Professional edition allows your life list to exceed 400 species. Otherwise you are capped at 400.

Your credit card statement will show a $30 charge from SIESTAKEYSO. The name of the company is Siesta Key Software, LLC.

Note: After purchasing the Professional edition, we'll know right away that you did so. However, what we won't know is the account name you used when you created your WebBirder account. Please send an email to and let us know your account name so we can upgrade it to the Professional edition.

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